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Every day this month, in which we celebrate the Sacred Heart, the source and centre of our spirituality and mission, we will be scouring Society websites and delving into our archives in order to find reflections, prayers and articles on aspects of the Heart of Jesus. These will be shared via our Facebook page and Twitter feed. 


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If you're on Twitter follow us there: @heartintheworld. We will be using the hashtag #HeartofJesus 


And if you're not on Twitter you can still see our tweets, via the feed on our News & Events page!


This month's reflections from St Madeleine Sophie and Janet Stuart also speak of the Sacred Heart


We hope you enjoy these reflections and they help you understand more and draw closer to the all-loving Heart of our God. 

This year the Feast of the Sacred Heart will be on Friday 3rd June - please pray with and for us all on that day, and pray too that more women will have the generosity and courage to answer God's call to become RSCJ.

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