...we answer God's call - to discover and make known - the love of the Heart of Jesus...

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Our experience of the joy in living and celebrating together
as sisters creates energy within us for building community
among ourselves and with others

From Chapter 2008

As RSCJ we are called to follow Jesus in community, in the manner of Sophie. Deeply rooted in our relationship with Jesus, we reaffirm that life in community is a fundamental expression of our spirituality.


Community on all levels is both mission and for mission. Even if we don't actually work together we all share a call and a mission, and community is the place where that mission - and each one - is nurtured and strengthened. Through our vowed commitment we are united in love as sisters; through sharing prayer, our daily lives and each others' blessings and challenges we grow in that love, in understanding and in awareness of each others' needs. Thus community - whether local, provincial or international - is the place where we are loved, supported, challenged, formed and known at a deep level, and from which we are sent, daily, to share and make known the Love at the centre of all our lives.


Our life together is a gift and a process that invites us to constant transformation and, for that reason, always involves a challenge for us. It calls us to Eucharist as the root and source of all our relationships. Our communities are called to create a space that invites us to live a life based on love, an open space to share with other people the paths of respect, intimacy, justice, hope and a life that is kind to all.


We seek to live the value of community in a diversity of ways:

  • In local communities which can include non-residential members
  • As linked communities meeting regularly for reflection and special events
  • As the community of the Province, through our frequent meetings for business matters or times of prayer and reflection together
  • As the community of the worldwide Society, through meetings, international experiences and support, be it prayerful or practical
  • With those with whom we live and work



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