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Stuart Family Bible

The Stuart Family Bible
Janet was the youngest of thirteen children born to Canon Stuart and his two wives, both of whom died young. As was the custom at the time, their father listed each birth at the beginning of the family bible; in some cases, sadly, adding details of an early death.

This bible remained in the possession of Janet's family. Her great nephew and his wife, Patrick and Gillian Castle Stewart donated it to our archives in 2014, in honour of the centenary celebrations. 

Here, on one sheet of paper, are all the people who were so significant in Janet's early life and upbringing...

Her father (who has not written his own name, but recorded all the others), whom Janet loved and assisted in so many ways.

Her mother, whose early death - and inability to rise from her grave like Lazarus - caused Janet such pain and confusion.

Her half-sister Theodosia, who became a second mother to the youngest children.

Her brother Horace, whose philosophical question sparked off a long journey of questioning and questing.

The siblings who died only months before she was born...

...and finally, right at the bottom, recorded in handwriting that had become smaller and less vigorous, Janet Erskine Stuart herself...

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