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Janet Erskine Stuart
Janet Stuart was the leader of the Society of the Sacred Heart in the British Isles from 1894, and leader of the Society worldwide from 1911 until her death at the age of 57 in 1914, just after the outbreak of World War I. It is remarkable that someone whose religious life before she became Superior General was mainly spent in one community (Roehampton), and who only had 3 full years as Superior General, is still remembered today not only by members of her own order, but by religious of other orders, Anglican as well as Catholic. 


She is remembered for her spirituality, the impact of which was felt by many who lived with her, who met or corresponded with her, and who read her posthumously published meditations and essays. She is remembered, too, for her contributions to the improvement of Catholic secondary education for girls and young women in Sacred Heart schools and colleges across the world.


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